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上京後ベースに出逢い、楽器の深さとバンドでの存在に魅了されバンタン在学中よりベースを始める。Claddagh Ring、Made in Asia等のバンドで国内外にて活動。
2018年にはアイリッシュ・ジプシーなどワールドミュージックを基軸にした多国籍バンドJOHNSONS MOTORCARに加入。
2020年秋 ヘア・メイクアップアーティストYuu Omata (Oma)、同じくヘアスタイリストでありフォトグラファーであるYuichi Omata (Oma)とのクリエイティブチームWM TOKYO発足。


Maizuru Kyoto, Japan
Studied fashion at Vantan Design Institute, Tokyo
Maryne grew up in an environment where music was always playing. She had shown interest in music from an early age.
Maryne started taking piano lessons when she was 6. She did it for ten years.
Maryne’s father told Maryne, “You must be able to write your own music.” Maryne calls it her father’s “mysterious indoctrination.” It led her and her friend to compose their very first music while they were in elementary school.
Maryne picked up an acoustic guitar for the first time in junior high school.
Maryne began playing bass while she was studying at Vantan Design in Tokyo. The sound and the band presence of the instrument attracted her. She toured Japan and the USA as the bassist for Claddagh Ring and Made in Asia.
In 2013, Maryne met s-ken, the world-renowned composer and producer. She became the original member of BimBamBoom.
In 2018, Maryne joined JOHNSONS MOTORCAR, a multinational band that plays Irish traveler music and other world music.
In autumn 2020, Maryne started a creative team, WM TOKYO, with Yuu Omata (Oma) hair and makeup artist, Yuichi Omata (Oma) hair stylist and photographer.
WM TOKYO develops the images that spring from the intersections of “now” and “individuality”.
The team seeks to release art with maximum output using the human body.
What unites the team? The creative process; the joy the team feels when their art makes connections to the world and life.
Maryne has been and continues to be, influenced heavily by the European and American music scenes and fashion culture from the 60s-90s. In particular, she is attracted to Irish music and culture.
Maryne has experience in track and field and rowing. Her strong interest in the beauty of the human body stems from her athletic experience. She is currently deepening her knowledge of food and nutrition because she believes physical beauty is gained from the intake.
However, Maryne cannot stop enjoying alcohol.
What is essential to Maryne is curiosity.

(Translated by Ada Schwarz)